Casa Bianchi – Garden Cafe – Brunch


Casa Bianchi, 193 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn WA 6016.

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan … Can’t decide if I think Casa Bianchi is Xanadu or Shangri La. This is a café that used to be a Nursery and now is a blissful hidden garden space with water features and secreted nooks. It’s breathtaking.

Casa Bianchi - Garden Cafe

Spent some time taking pictures as the space is very unique and I wanted to capture the experience. Some careful planning and thought has gone into this café and it’s garden.

Couldn’t tear my eyes away from the cake display cabinet either. A very colourful selection and definitely worth a return visit.

Casa Bianchi - Garden Cafe

This is an order and pay at the counter place, so sat for a while and browsed the menu. It was a little expensive for lunch but the all day breakfast items were a good price.

Opted for a cappuccino and the savoury French Toast. Parmesan encrusted bread dipped in eggs and pan fried, accompanied by caramelised onions and avocado. It sounded just great.

Casa Bianchi - Garden Cafe

The coffee arrived first and it was fine. There was some nice tasting froth but it wasn’t strong enough for me. You can see there isn’t much crema in the froth.

Casa Bianchi - Garden Cafe

The French Toast arrived soon after and the dish looked attractive. Certainly a lot of food for the price ($18.50 including the coffee). The avocado was a little waxy, the toast was a little mushy and I kind of lost interest half way through. Think I just picked the wrong dish for me. The textures didn’t work, it needed another texture, something crunchy perhaps.

The staff were all very friendly. Casa Bianchi is cash only but there is an ATM next door. They have a water station, which is always a good thing but I had to ask if there was water.

Will definitely return for tea and cake. Those cakes look delicious.

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