Kailis Brothers Leederville – Revisit – Seafood


Kailis Brothers Leederville, 101 Oxford Street, Leederville WA 6007, Phone 9443 6300.

These Days … A revisit to Kailis Brothers Leederville has been a long time coming. So, with the decision made, off I went to Leederville. Xena may never forgive me for going solo.

Kailis Brothers Leederville

The food, on the last visit, did not meet expectations. And, only because those expectations were based on all the fabulous meals we’d eaten at Kailis. So, it was time to see what the food was like these days.

Kailis Brothers Leederville

Kailis Brothers Leederville is a clean, crisp environment with spotless floors and an open kitchen. There is also a mini Fresh Fish Market in the same building.

Kailis Brothers Leederville

Through to the Fish Market

Staff were enthusiastic and very efficient. Had tap water and menus on the table quickly. And, my glass of Italian Prosecco was not far behind them.

Kailis Brothers Leederville

Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco , Veneto, Italy

Ordered one of the Specials. Panko and Parmesan breaded King George Whiting with a beetroot, spinach, walnut and goats cheese salad. And, a pretty near perfect dish for me, all my favourites on the one plate.

Kailis Brothers Leederville

When the food was put in front of me the first thing noticed was the herbs embedded in the crumb which enhanced the flavours considerably. Basil, pretty sure.

Kailis Brothers Leederville

Closeup of the herbed crumb

So, can’t praise the dish enough. The fish was firm, white and perfectly cooked. The spinach was fresh and the combination of the other ingredients made it pretty memorable. Yum.

Kailis Brothers Leederville

Oh, and that Prosecco was totally on point. Wine makers have been creating Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco since 1876. From the Veneto region, approximately 56 KM from Venice.

It’s a pleasant place to sit and watch the world go by, as Oxford Street is very busy. Nice, comfortable surrounds and muted low key muzak made lunch a treat.

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