Fish Boss – Fish and Chips on Wheels


The Fish Boss, Food Truck, Location Varies, Perth WA 6000.

It’s finally happened … Parked at a set of lights the other day and saw a Food Truck drive by. It took a bit of rubbernecking to catch the name, “The Fish Boss”, a very promising name. Fish and Chips on Wheels, could it be true!!

Fish Boss Food Truck

A tiny bit of research and I was off to Bayswater Streats at Crimea Reserve last night to sample the Fish Boss’ food.

Fish Boss Food Truck

Great looking black van with white van art, a state of the art kitchen and quite an extensive menu. The crew’s production line was very streamlined. As a result, it didn’t take long for a plate of food to arrive.

Fish Boss Food Truck

The menu is not just fish and chips, there are sliders, tacos and a variety of different seafood in the mix. Best of all, most of the menu is offered either grilled or fried and tastefully seasoned with Boss herbs and spices.

Fish Boss Food Truck

Decided on the Boss Basket with Grilled Fish and Cuttlefish, Chips and two crunchy crumbed Skull Island Prawns. Hence, the basket contained a large serve of fabulous looking seafood for $15.00. (Note: prices have risen slightly).

Fish Boss Food Truck

The seafood was cooked to perfection and even the lemon slices tasted delicious and oh that seasoning. Furthermore, Boss herbs rock.

So, I know Xena will be interested in a return visit.

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