Toastie Queen – Mobile Food Van – Bayswater Streats


Toastie Queen, Mobile Food Van, Location Varies, Perth WA 6000.

It’s a Family Affair … As predicted, Xena wanted a return visit to the Bayswater Streats Crimea Canteen. Left Xena to select her meal of choice and went to look over the other menus. There was a really sweet pink and white van that caught my attention, The Toastie Queen.

Toastie Queen - Mobile Food Van

Really liked the Toastie Queen’s decor, with the matching pink napkins, even the chalk on the menu was pink. While the tiny tables and chairs were white. So cute.

The other thing I noticed almost straight away was that it was a family run business. Everyone appeared to be pitching in to help produce some good looking Toasties.

Toastie Queen - Mobile Food Van

Xena had opted for a dish from a different vendor but I was more than content to try a 3 Cheese Toastie. When the sandwich arrived it was grilled to just the right shade for me and was a luscious looking cheesy gooey oozing creation. Yep, there was a lot of cheese and the blending tastes were great.

Toastie Queen - Mobile Food Van

Having finished her meal Xena shared half my Toastie, just as well I had had a late lunch.

Toastie Queen - Mobile Food Van

To use the words of Douglas Adams, “So long, and thanks for all the Cheese”. We’ll be back.

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