D’Big Mama – Malaysian Cafe – Coventry Village Markets


D’Big Mama, Malaysian Cafe, Coventry Village Markets, Morley WA 6062.

The Spice Exists on Only One Planet in the Universe … Phew, lucky we don’t live in that Universe. Dune quotes aside, spice is life for me. And, Laksa fulfils that need you sometimes get for a really big spicy soup. Laksa originated in Penang, the broth’s main ingredients are the pod like fruit tamarind and coconut.

D'Big Mama - Malaysian Cafe

We were wandering around Coventry Village Markets and came across D’Big Mama, a small Malaysian Café. It was fairly crowded and the food on tables around us looked pretty good.

D'Big Mama - Malaysian Cafe

Xena went with a Nasi Lemak and Crumbed Chicken. While for me it was the Laksa. A bit concerned trying Laksa from a new place but the food did look good. The dishes came out quite quickly and we tucked in.

D'Big Mama - Malaysian Cafe

Xena’s Nasi Lemak looked pretty authentic with the Ikan Bilis, Cucumber Slices, Coconut Rice and Spicy Sambal. The crumbed Chicken looked really great. The dish received a double thumbs up.

D'Big Mama - Malaysian Cafe

My Laksa smelt wonderful and the broth looked rich and spicy. I could see chicken, prawns, fish cake, tofu, bean sprouts and noodles. Turns out there were thick noodles and thin ones. A nice touch. The broth was great, really flavoursome and the ingredients were quality.


For $11.80 each this was a top lunch deal. We keep being surprised by Coventry Village Markets. It’s nice to have places like this near by.

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