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Shunking Restaurant, 1002 Beaufort Street, Bedford, Phone 9221 1868.

It’s a Bar, It’s a Restaurant, It’s Gorgeous … It’s about time. Shunking Restaurant opened it’s doors this week at 1002 Beaufort Street in Bedford. This Asian Restaurant is absolutely beautiful, minimalist and the food is marvellous.

Shunking Restaurant

About time a restaurant of this calibre opened in Bedford. A welcome addition to the other end of Beaufort Street.

Shunking Restaurant

A complimentary Amuse-Bouche of icy cold tiny Roma tomatoes dusted with plum powder.

Xena and I felt happy from the moment we stepped in the door. Staff, décor and the menu were all charming and like a breath of fresh air really.

Shunking Restaurant

Always great to see an open kitchen and Shunking Restaurant’s kitchen is very large and shiny.

Shunking Restaurant

So, three plates of food were ordered and the first to arrive was the entree sized tofu doused with chilli pepper salt.  Lightly fried and crispy, the tofu was seasoned perfectly. Delicious.

Shunking Restaurant

The Kung Pao Chicken consisted of a large serve of diced breast meat lightly fried and dusted with the chilli hot Kung Pao seasoning. This was delicious and the chicken was melt in your mouth tender.

Shunking Restaurant

The deep fried Prawn Dumplings from the Dim Sum section of the menu were fab. These little parcels tasted wonderful and were positively brimming with mashed juicy prawn meat and chives.

Shunking Restaurant

So, Shunking Restaurant should be a great venue for large groups. You and your friends could enjoy a private meal in a curtained off room.

So, you can read our Review of Dim Sum @ Shunking Restaurant here.

Shunking Restaurant

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2 thoughts on “Shunking Restaurant – Asian Food – Bar

  1. Norma Roberts

    The food service and ambience were superb. We have just finished lunch and it rates among the very best Chinese food we have eaten anywhere in the world. Would highly recommend the Shun King to anyone for a delightful eating experience.

  2. sus-ten-ance

    Norma, I totally agree with you on that. We couldn’t believe that a place of this calibre had opened near us. Fabulous food, staff and venue.

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