What The Bao! – Shafto Lane – Asian Fusion


What The Bao!, Shafto Lane, 397 Murray Street, Perth, Phone 0404 226 655.

Bao Wow Wow … This Fremantle Market Stall has opened a Café in Perth. What The Bao! bring their Bao goodness to Shafto Lane and prices are very good value for money.

What The Bao!

The food is Asian Fusion, think braised Pork Belly with candied cashew crush and hoisin sauce. And, the ever popular Soft Shell Crab combined with fresh chilli, Paw Paw and shallots.

What The Bao!

The Café sits in an attractive part of the Lane and sports a row of stools to sit and eat lunch.  As the cafe is actually very small queuing is a possibility.

What The Bao!

There’s a great Bruce Lee mural on the wall and loads of pink everywhere. The buns are fresh made and there was a display set of filled Bao on the front counter. Very useful to see what you were purchasing.

What The Bao!

Love The Glove!

Ordered the chicken Bao which came with a large Panko crumbed chicken fillet, Wasabi mayo, tonkatsu sauce, diced tomato, mixed mesculin and cucumber.

What The Bao!

Such a delicious sandwich for the lowly sum of $8.00. The flavours and textures were excellent, crunchy chicken, soft bao, creamy mayo and all that fresh salad. What’s not to like.

What The Bao!

You can view the What The Bao! menu here.

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