Rhubarb Cafe – Barista Coffee – Raw Desserts


Rhubarb Cafe, Ardross Street Shopping Precinct, 39 Ardross Street, Applecross.

Good Day Sunshine … Rhubarb Café is fairly unique as cafes go. Why? Because they’ve Al Fresco only seating and not a very large food menu. But they have long queues for their coffee.

Rhubarb Cafe

Right next door to The Good Grocer

This Kiosk sits right next door to The Good Grocer in the Ardross Street Shopping Precinct and it’s a place I’m starting to have great affection for.

Rhubarb Cafe

So, as the venue I wanted to eat at wasn’t open, I ordered a coffee and drank the blissful beverage. It was hot and strong and just fabulous.

Rhubarb Cafe

In Winter Rhubarb Café does fresh vegetable soups and in Summer they have Juices, raw dessert balls, muesli and Greek yoghurt plus a few other snack type options.

Rhubarb Cafe

It’s the cutest café ever and the lack of indoor seating does little to keep people away. Like I said, they come in large hordes just to sip the coffee.

Rhubarb Cafe

Noticed that their business slogan is “Coffee … Juice … Peace”. That just about sums up Applecross for me as well, it is peaceful and there are some simply fabulous cafes in this Precinct.

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