Thali @ 2 Fat Indians – Cocktails – Curries


Thali @ 2 Fat Indians, 524 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Phone 9228 0720.

A Smorgasbord At Least … Indian thali is like your own mini buffet with breads, curries and usually even a Lassi yoghurt drink.

Thali @ 2 Fat Indians

2 Fat Indians put up a pretty special thali and it’s a lot of eating. I chose the vegetarian version because sometimes it’s good to be kind to your body.

The venue is lovely with a lot of glass, a few murals, a grand bar and the vibrant colours which India is known for.

Thali @ 2 Fat Indians

The thali presented very well and the colourful curries were a delight to see. The Dahl Makhni with black lentils, excellent heat and sweet onions was spicy, creamy and my favourite dish.

Thali @ 2 Fat Indians

Yoghurt Smoothie

I liked that there was not one but two paneer dishes, a red curry (Tikka Masala) with beautifully curated spices and a spinach one (Palak) which was milder but had a good depth of flavour.

Thali @ 2 Fat Indians

A traditional Nizami Handi came with a tomato and onion gravy and a low heat but so many vegetables it was fun identifying them all.

Thali @ 2 Fat Indians

Up next, the Chana Masala (chickpeas) in a kadhai masala gravy was definitely another favourite with the chewy legumes and spicy gravy.

Generously included were samosas, pappadum, naan bread and raita for dipping. It was a large meal and even though I gave it a valiant effort I could not finish the feast. Oh the shame.

So, a very enjoyable plate of food and one I would return to eat again.

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