Fields Of Vincent – Barista Coffee – Nourish Bowls


Fields of Vincent, 135 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn, Phone 0401 401 237.

Are You Weary As Water, In a Faucet Left Dripping … Fields of Vincent will sort you out with their really strong coffee. It could be just the recharge you’re looking for.

Fields Of Vincent

Fields of Vincent took over the Jujuberry & Co premises about eight weeks ago.

Fields Of Vincent

It’s a small venue with indoor and outdoor seating and it’s quite lovely with the white and grey decor.

Fields Of Vincent

My short macchiato was astounding being both super strong and such lush creamy crema.

Fields Of Vincent

No Bitterness At All

I noticed that they had take home meals which led me to pick up  a Quinoa nourish bowl for later.

Fields Of Vincent

At my desk

This was a find as it was full of raw vegetables and had the best tasting mustard and honey dressing which was topped off with black sesame seeds. My favourite.

Fields Of Vincent

The attention to detail was pretty spot on taste wise and I enjoyed this bowl of food a lot. In particular, the kale, beetroot, black olive and red pepper section was my sort of thing because the flavours and textures worked so well together.

Fields Of Vincent

The roasted sweet potato was a knock out with it’s earthy tastes.

So, I won’t go into much more detail but I guess the green section of the bowl was super crunchy as it also had a good mix of seeds and other lovely ingredients.

Definitely not a boring meal and that cup of Joe, wow.

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