Acai Brothers – Acai Bowls – Barista Coffee


Acai Brothers, 228 Carr Street, Leederville, Phone 0419 040 070.

Simply The Best … Finally, a café dedicated to ACAI and raw food in general. The venue itself is adorable with plants and the distressed cement floor. Clean lines and sleekness abound.

Acai Brothers

But, I was here for the food and after much deliberation decided on the Lemon Meringue ACAI bowl. Now there’s no lemon or meringue in this bowl as all the food is done using raw ingredients and duplicating flavours.

Acai Brothers

Wow though, wow wow wow what an extraordinary taste sensation and the fact that the ACAI itself was raw and crunchy gave it a good mixture of textures. I was sold from the first bite.

Acai Brothers

Must return to try the coffee as the machine is the sleekest I’ve seen to date and not too noisy either.

Acai Brothers

Got to say that I loved my visit to ACAI Brothers and the food more than met my expectations. Leederville will now mean ACAI to me in the future.

Delicious and if that wasn’t really lemon meringue they certainly did a good job of working out the taste duplication. Did I mention that this is all done with raw food ingredients?

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