Fiorentina – Patisserie – Bakery – Barista Coffee


Fiorentina, 44 Angove Street, North Perth, Phone 9328 7442.

Even An End Has a Start … It’s been a long time since I visited Fiorentina and I was blown away by the patisserie items in the display cabinet. How soon we forget.

Fiorentina Cafe

So, to start with I decided on coffee and cake and my cappuccino was suburb with great crema and art froth. Velvety and smooth and not too hot.

Fiorentina Cafe

To make up the cake part of the deal I discovered what looked like a cronut with super crunchy layers and a rich ricotta filling. The name of this confection escapes me but the picture speaks a thousand words. Pure bliss.

It’s a small café which relies mainly on their outdoor seating, which today would not have enticed too many people. Bitterly cold I huddled inside and warmth soon deigned to pay a visit.

Enjoyed the whole experience and I can see that I will be making a return visit or two just to try a small sample of the multitude of cakes available.

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