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Angove Kitchen & Espresso Bar, 36 Angove Street, North Perth, Phone 6111 2822.

You Could Take The Bitter Pill … But why would you when you can go to Angove Kitchen for breakfast? Now occupying the space formerly graced by Locale. A sad adieu.

Angove Kitchen & Espresso Bar

Out and about early this morning, as it was freezing and rainy, so I decided it was time to forage for some food. And it seems I came to the right place at the right time.

Angove Kitchen & Espresso Bar

Angove Street seems to have changed quite a bit as we lost Locale but also the Office on Angove has shut its doors.

Angove Kitchen & Espresso Bar

So, bircher muesli was on the menu, one of my favourite things to eat and this one was extra special. With grapes, blueberries, strawberries, greek yoghurt and the bircher itself hidden under all those goodies. Excellent value at $15.00 and too big to finish, so a doggie bag was called for.

Angove Kitchen & Espresso Bar

I must say that my breakfast bowl was absolutely delicious and addressing all the different flavours and textures had me guessing at some of the ingredients all of which were yummy.

Had the best long macchiato, topped up, extra smooth, not too hot, no mouth burning with this little cup of joe. Not exactly sure why some places make the coffee so hot that you can’t taste it. This one was velvety and silky and delectable.

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