Mushrooms @ Blake Street Merchant – Barista Coffee – Brunch


Mushrooms @ Blake Street Merchant, 4 B & C Blake Street, North Perth.

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Mushrooms @ Blake Street Merchant

I was lucky enough to have brunch at Ninth and Merchant last week, so I decided I should revisit the Mother ship at Blake St Merchant. It was a good decision.

Mushrooms @ Blake Street Merchant

The plate, I must admit, didn’t present well but the aromas made me hungry and the soy mushrooms tasted divine. Add a little pep with parmesan cheese and you’ve got a winner.

Mushrooms @ Blake Street Merchant

I enjoyed every single mouthful of this blissful meal. The house sourdough had a lot to do with that. Most times it is difficult to actually cut through sourdough but this bread was perfectly edible and cut through easily.

The green tea was worth a mention as well because it was quite strong and delightful.

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