Ninth & Merchant – Barista Coffee – Brunch – Wine Bar


Ninth & Merchant, Corner Beaufort Street and Ninth Avenue Inglewood.

Letting The Days Go By … It’s been a short while since Miss Kitty’s Saloon closed. But right there and taken it’s place is Ninth and Merchant who are up and running after two weekends of trade.

Ninth & Merchant

It’s a busy restaurant but staff seem to have taken on the challenge. There were no lengthy waits for anything and staff were alert and asking if they could help all the way through my visit.

Ninth & Merchant

The menu is perfect for someone like me, who doesn’t want the average brunch menu but something a little different. So, I ordered the Hummus on house sourdough with red peppers and onions. It usually comes with chorizo but not my cup of tea, so I asked for it to be left off.

The meal itself was quite large but served on a very large plate. It was just like a Bruschetta, well a middle eastern styled one. And it was delicious and every so often there was a fresh chilli to wake up the palate.

I will try the coffee next time.

Oh, and a sad farewell to Miss Kitty’s Saloon.

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