Crunchy Granola Suite @ Trio Wine Bar & Cafe


Crunchy Granola Suite, Trio Wine Bar and Cafe, 12 / 760 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Phone 9271 4089.

Crunchy Granola Suite … A whole suite of goodness appeared in front of me with this dynamic plate of food. A picture will speak 1000 words but I still feel the need to add a description or two.

Crunchy Granola Suite @ Trio Wine Bar & Cafe

So, I love the presentation of Trio Bar Café’s food and the long handled plates which look very posh and display the dishes perfectly.

Crunchy Granola Suite @ Trio Wine Bar & Cafe

The cereal was quickly ordered and came with a healthy portion of Greek yoghurt, honey and assorted fruit. Giving some fabulous texture was the granola itself which was crunchy and daubed with honey all over. Perfectly scrumptious.


My long macchiato topped up was as good as usual, smooth and silky with no bitterness at all.

So, the place was very busy this morning and bustling excited wait staff kept up the pace and everything around me appeared to be delivered promptly. A job well done.

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