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2nd Ave IGA, 2nd Avenue and Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley Wa 6050, Phone 9272 2900.

Gourmet Take Home Food … Walked into 2nd Ave IGA and was blown away by the presentation of the fresh food stacked in neat rows by the front door. All the fruit and vegetables looked kind of perfect, not many blemishes to be seen amongst this lot.

2nd Ave IGA - Open 24 Hours

2nd Ave IGA is open 24 hours. And, because of that it is a tad expensive for regular items. I wouldn’t be going there to stock up on staples but I do go there for their take home food.

2nd Ave IGA - Open 24 Hours

On my first visit to the store I noticed quite quickly that everything was very high quality. Shelves contained a lot of gourmet Brands I’d never seen before.

When I found the take home food section I started to get a smile on my face.

Carvery Counter:
At this counter there is a choice of carved Beef, Pork or Turkey which also includes vegetables and gravy. A small sized portion costs about $10.00 and the quality of food is excellent for the price.

2nd Ave IGA - Open 24 Hours

Deli Counter:
These take home items include Pies, Samosas, Pizzas, Rissoles and Schnitzels. The packaged take home meals are also an abundant display including curries, pasta and other treats.

2nd Ave IGA - Open 24 Hours

Cheese Section:
Emmenthal, Brie, Camembert, Cheddar, Manchego. You think it and it will probably be in this cheese friendly refrigerated section.

2nd Ave IGA - Open 24 Hours

Bread Counter:
Breads from Lawleys, The Woodfired Baker, Benedetto and many more. Was happy to see that the Woodfired Baker is stocked at 2nd Ave IGA. It means not having to hunt them down at Food Markets to purchase their Bread.

2nd Ave IGA is a rival for Mount Lawley Fresh Provisions and they’re doing it well.

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