Sizzler Morley – Family Restaurant – Buffet


Sizzler Morley, 131 Walter Road West, Morley WA 6062, Phone 9276 2000.

Fawlty Towers … It had been a terrible day. Not only was there a huge thunderstorm but the car broke down on Karrinyup Road. We had gotten stuck in a traffic jam and the alternator just stopped working. Some International Golf Tournament had caused the jam. Luckily the RAC chap who came to take a look stopped for 20 mins to give us enough power to get home. And, we made it home.

Sizzler Morley

So, unable to get something to eat. We decided to walk and forage for some food. It was a long walk but somehow we ended up at Sizzler in Morley. Not exactly sure why we just didn’t catch a bus somewhere. Like I said, a bad day and we were exhausted.

But Sizzler Morley it was to be. The service was pretty much standard. We paid exhorbitant amounts of money for the Buffet and took a seat. Xena had opted for Grilled Fish and Chips. While I had chosen regular Fish and Chips. Everything was on track til the waitperson came to say it would take 1 hour to thaw the fish. We kind of laughed because we thought she was joking. Nope, she was serious. We said go ahead. It only took about 10 minutes and the dishes arrived. What happened to the hour to thaw? My meal was not edible, the fish was really thin and soft. I sent it back. They refunded. All sorted. They allowed me to eat from the Buffet which was nice of them.

When Xena’s meal arrived she ate it. She was hungry. Bad day remember? But she said it was a little below par on the tasty food front. I think she was being kind.

The Buffet was fine.

Sunday Breakfast Buffet.

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