Fresh Provisions Mount Lawley – Delicatessen


Fresh Provisions Mount Lawley, 77 Walcott Street, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Phone 9227 6309.

Treat City … Fresh Provisions isn’t a very large shop but what they cram into that Store is unbelievable. This is my go to place for a treat and I can always find something that appeals to me.

Fresh Provisions Mount Lawley


Sometimes it’s a piece of Brie Cheese with some Lavash Crisp Bread. Or, a take home meal of either the Pasta or Asian variety. Sometimes it will be a loaf of their fresh Bread and some chicken. Accompanied by a tub of fresh salad. There’s always something.

This place has possibly the biggest cheese selection in Perth, maybe. I can usually find a piece I want to afford. I like that they have their own brands of a few of the cheeses.

At the Deli Counter there is a good selection of Tapas dishes. Love it when they have the Eggplant Parmigiana.   But they usually have Arancini, Fritters, Pies and Pasties. Tuna Patties and Scotch Eggs. A large range.

The fruit and vegetables always look amazing. They have a very large selection of exotic chocolates. They sell fish, meat and chicken plus gourmet groceries. Don’t think I’ve forgotten anything. Oh, and cakes.

Dropped in to pick up some lunch the other day and purchased a snapper croquette, very nice at $7.95. A touch more snapper in the croquette would have been nicer.

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