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Foam Coffee Bar, 130 Oxford Street, Leederville WA 6007, Phone 9444 7475.

Frothy Foamy Cappuccinos … Must admit that Foam Coffee Bar is the place I head to for coffee in Leederville. Haven’t had a bad brew from here ever. The cappuccino is all foamy and the crema gives it a darker swirl. Their espresso is always a favourite of mine as well.

Foam Coffee Bar

I stop here for coffee if I’m in Leederville. Always, always tempted by the food in the display cabinet and usually give into a raw dessert ball to take away with me. Or, a slice of their banana bread, which is always moist and wholesome.

Foam Coffee Bar

A big fan of the bread they use because there is always wholegrain, rye or some other healthy option. They have a large selection of made up rolls, or you can customise your own. And, wow, they look amazing. I have eaten one of their Tuna and Mayo Grain Rolls. It was pretty good, not too much mayo and just the right amount of tuna, topped off with crunchy salad.

Foam Coffee Bar

They have an eclectic mix of tables and chairs set up on the pavement for people watching.

24th April 2016:
Dropped in for a Cappuccino and had to have one of their Date, Ginger and Dark Chocolate Cookies. The Cookie was the star definitely, with the three flavours blending so well. Yum. It was really large and was quickly consumed.

Really like the atmosphere of the cafe because its the sort of place where you feel comfortable dining on your own. Lots of places can make you uncomfortable but Foam has magazines and various different places to sit and sip.

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