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Henry’s Rooftop Bar, The Reveley, Elizabeth Quay, Eastern Promenade, Riverside Drive, Perth WA 6000, Phone 6314 1350.

Spectacular Views … Henry’s Rooftop Bar is on the top floor of the Reveley complex in Elizabeth Quay. The three level complex has a café at ground level, a sophisticated restaurant in the middle and a funky rooftop bar which serves Bar Food. Oh, and that view is to die for. From Elizabeth Quay, through South Perth, through Kings Park and the Perth CBD. Wowsa.

Henry's Rooftop Bar - Elizabeth Quay

Perth City

Definitely a nice place to sit and inhale the surroundings. The bar has a retractable roof and as the sun was out, my mate Michelle and I headed off to Henrys. We took the lift and shared it with one of the Chefs who was taking Bread In Common bread to the Restaurant. He mentioned he worked at BIC for a few years and was really happy to offer their Bread to Reveley clients now. One good reason to eat at Reveley.

Henry's Rooftop Bar - Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay

The Bar is really nice, with wooden decks / tiles and outdoor furniture. The Bar menu is quite simple, sliders, tacos, that sort of thing. Lots of small plates to share. My favourite.

Henry's Rooftop Bar - Elizabeth Quay

South Perth

Michelle picked the Grazing Plate and I had a large dose of food envy looking at it. Mini Corn Fritters, Dips and Turkish Bread, Duck MoMos with Kasundi Relish, Forest Mushroom Mac N Cheese Goats Curd Croquettes, with South West Truffle Oil. It all looked sensational. Michelle gave it a double thumbs up.

Henry's Rooftop Bar - Elizabeth Quay

My 3 x fish tacos looked pretty good too. Perhaps not as good but I enjoyed the food a lot. Really fresh fish and salad with black beans and guacamole. Great Grub.

Henry's Rooftop Bar - Elizabeth Quay

Henry's Rooftop Bar - The Reveley

Excellent wine list with a good selection of fizz by the glass. Their La Gioiosa Prosecco was $11.00 and an excellent tipple.

Henry's Rooftop Bar - Elizabeth Quay

If you’re looking for somewhere casual and with relatively inexpensive Bar Food, you can’t go past this view or that food. Just our opinion mind.

Henry's Rooftop Bar - Elizabeth Quay

King’s Park

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