Fathers Day 2016 – Jumplings – Velvet Betty – Jersey Jack


Fathers Day 2016

Here Comes The Sun … Deep Water Point is a beautiful part of the Swan River. And, it’s there that we started our Fathers Day adventure which took us through three different food experiences. Jumplings Tasty Dumplings, Velvet Betty and Jersey Jack Gelato.

Fathers Day 2016

Let me just explain that this Winter was the coldest for twenty years. Fathers Day 2016 was different, it was warm and balmy, so we went out to play. We had sunshine, the prospect of Street Food and a river setting, what more do you need.

Jumplings Tasty Dumplings
One of the original Street Food Vendors who led the Street Food Renaissance a few years ago, Jumplings are legendary in Perth. We couldn’t think of any where we would prefer to eat.

Ordered two of their Chicken Jumpling Noodle Bowls. A large serve of Udon noodles with crunchy Cabbage, Coriander and both Sesame and Ponzu sauces. Topped off with four Chicken dumplings and a generous serve of Chilli Sauce and Mayo. It’s a really delicious dish that I’ve eaten many times. Today, it seemed to be like eating Ambrosia, I guess Sunshine will do that for you.

Jumplings Tasty Dumplings on Facebook

Total cost $11.00 each.

Velvet Betty
We noticed Velvet Betty straight away because it was the cutest Caravan ever. A tiny vintage 60’s van, completely refurbished as a Café. The Coffee aromas had been wafting our way for most of our stay, so we eventually gave in and ordered a couple of Cappuccinos.

The coffee was on point. It was strong, hot and had loads of Crema swirled into the froth. An excellent cup of Java and very large.

Chatted with the owners for a while and it turns out Velvet Betty operates as a Bar as well. They’re available for Weddings, Parties and anything really. Just a nod to a favourite Melbourne band there.

Velvet Betty on Facebook

Total cost $4.50 each.

Interlude …
Before we left for Como we took a walk along the River. It lifted our spirits and it was lovely to see loads of families with their picnics. Masses of dogs and children running around but alas, it was time for dessert, so off we went.

Jersey Jack Gelato
Jersey Jack sits alongside Nasi Lemak Korner and Hangout on 20 Preston. These three venues are owned by the same people and they’re doing it well. The place was packed and there were queues out the door. But nothing could dampen our spirits, so we joined the queue.

Must say that this was the nicest queue I’ve ever been in, sunshine being the culprit I guess. And, eventually we reached the front and for Xena it was the Green Tea Gelato but I only had eyes for the Lychee. We had a small one serve cup each which seemed minimalistic compared to the gigantic creations being served around us.

We both decided it was amazing Gelato. Really beautiful flavours and texture.

Jersey Jack Gelato on Facebook

Total cost $5.50 each.

So that was our Fathers Day 2016, wish we could do it every weekend …

Fathers Day 2016

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