Utopia Morley – Bubble Tea – Bakery


Utopia Morley, 2 / 5 Progress Street, Morley, Phone 9317 6228.

I’m So Excited … And I just can’t hide it. Utopia has opened a Café in Morley and it’s just the most super appropriate type of food for this suburb that I can imagine. Totally love this Franchise.

Utopia Morley - Bubble Tea - Bakery

So, gushing aside, Utopia is primarily a Bubble Tea Cafe and a Bakery. The desserts are to die for but for me it’s the Red Bean and Custard Buns which have me lining up at these Stores.

Utopia Morley - Bubble Tea - Bakery

The place is completely vegetarian so you know the mini hot dogs are made with vegetables. They’re an acquired taste but I’m a fan for sure. Just to note that it’s wise to get in early as stocks deplete during the day.

Utopia Morley - Bubble Tea - Bakery

There is a very nice outdoor area to sit and sip your drinks or polish off a Pandan cake. And, inside there are a few tables and chairs.

Utopia Morley - Bubble Tea - Bakery

We purchased a packet of five Custard Buns for $4.80 which Xena and I finished off quite quickly. Absolutely delicious as usual.

Welcome to Morley Utopia we think you might get sick of seeing us. Apologies in advance for that.

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