Solstice Cafe – CLOSED


Solstice Cafe, 224 Cambridge Street, Wembley, Phone 9380 4642.

A Little Foodie Haven …The long and the short of it is that Solstice make great food and coffee. It’s a grand looking place from the Street with all the greys, blacks and blues but it’s very comfy inside.

Solstice Cafe - Coffee - Burgers- Raw Desserts

Photo: Courtesy Solstice Cafe

There is a large display cabinet of food with raw desserts, my favourite, and take home rolls and cakes. There is also a rather large list of Smoothies and Juices as well as food specials of the day.

Solstice Cafe - Coffee - Burgers- Raw Desserts

Fab Coffee

It’s a very bright venue because the windows wrap around two sides so lots of light gets in.

Solstice Cafe - Coffee - Burgers- Raw Desserts

Ordered the Cajun Chicken Burger with Avocado, Iceberg Lettuce and Aioli. The Chicken was crumbed breast meat and it was very tender. Combined with the avocado and the lovely dressing there was a really nice combination of flavours.

Solstice Cafe - Coffee - Burgers- Raw Desserts

And, don’t get me started on the Sweet Potato Chips that came with the Burger because I could rave about them all day. Super crunchy and salted to within an inch of their lives. Very well seasoned and seriously made this a meal to remember.

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