Seoul In – Korean Food – Bulgogi – Bibimbap


Seoul In, Shop 36, 602 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Phone 9328 3946.

Freedom Of Choice … Seoul In has taken over this Beaufort Street venue from Ramen Lab. And, they’re serving Korean food.

Seoul In

So, Seoul In has an extensive menu, with so many options and a lot of items were new to me. Decisions, decisions.

Seoul In

Eventually, opted for the Janchi Guksu, a seafood broth with thin Chinese style noodles and a load of vegetables which included Shitake mushrooms.

Seoul In

Must say that I liked the fish broth a lot, very clear, a little oily but nice flavours. The plate presented well with the finely cut vegetables but those noodles were a wee bit overcooked. Pretty good value at $13.00, I thought.

Seoul In

The venue is more or less exactly the same as Ramen lab was and it appears to be popular already. Korean food, over the past few years, has become popular in Perth and I can see why. So many new dishes to try.

Seoul In


Seoul In’s ethos is to showcase Korean cuisine, with healthy and tasty dishes. And cramming unique flavours together into one single mouthful. I am pretty sure they achieved that with my noodle dish.

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