Three Grains – Westfield Innaloo – Food Court


Three Grains, Food Court, Westfield Shopping Centre, Scarborough Beach Road, Innaloo.

She’s Less Than Sure … Actually, that’s incorrect, I am very sure that Three Grains make some fabulous victuals. Another little treasure hidden away in a suburban food court at Innaloo.

Three Grains Innaloo

So, what stopped me in my tracks were the pictures of food. And, the seafood chicken noodle soup with clear broth looked nigh on perfect.

Three Grains Innaloo

The broth itself was robust, for a clear soup, and I did consume most of it. The seafood was particularly well cooked, especially the prawns and squid (or was that cuttlefish?). $11.90.

Three Grains Innaloo

The only disappointing ingredient for me were the crab sticks, which I haven’t always enjoyed. I just ignored them as this dish was delicious from start to finish.

Three Grains Innaloo

Staff were more than pleasant and the whole experience was enjoyable. Yay, I have a new noodle soup place!!

Three Grains offer more than just soup as I watched people around me receive plates of curry, wontons and fried chicken with fried rice.


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