Queen Of Leeds – Barista Coffee – Toasties – Desserts


Queen Of Leeds, 114 Oxford Street, Leederville, Phone 0423 264 256.

Coffee For The People … Queen of Leeds has taken over the space formerly occupied by Nood Cafe. Taking great care to ensure the people have the most splendid coffee available.


Love the tongue in cheek by-line on their business card and the name Queen of Leeds is quite intriguing.

Queen Of Leeds

But wow, the coffee, super strong and frothy with some exceptional coffee art. Not too hot to drink and bursting full of java goodness.

Queen Of Leeds

Speaking of which, I couldn’t go past the chocolate and raspberry brownie either. Brimming with sour fruit and gooey chocolate this dessert slice was anything but ordinary. Obviously a plateful fit for a Queen.

Queen Of Leeds

Really liked their small range of Toasties as well and the mushroom one had me dithering over what to actually eat. But that brownie won out, so a return visit for savoury items will happen shortly.

Queen Of Leeds

Really liked the feel of the venue as it was comfortable and cosy with water stations of every table. Liked the short but well formed menu and the copious java variations available. A place to remember.

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