10 Essential Caffeine Fixes 2016


10 Essential Caffeine Fixes 2016

We love Coffee, so we thought it was time to put a list of our favourites together. It’s time the tale were told. Here are our 10 Essential Caffeine Fixes 2016. Just our opinion mind.

10 Essential Caffeine Fixes 2016

Pixel Coffee Brewers – The Beast

1. Pixel Coffee Brewers, Leederville

Deciding on the list was hard enough. But putting them in order of preference proved difficult. Outstanding Coffee. Also, love Pixels Ethos and their Nourish Bowls. review

2. Cimbalino, ENEX100 CBD

Joined the longest queue and discovered the wonders of Cimbalino coffee. Sleep deprived, yawning customers made me aware I was amongst my peeps. review

3. Lowdown, Perth CBD

Lowdown has no signage but they do have impressive queues. The sister cafe to Bossman Coffee in Mount Lawley engineer some outstanding coffee. review

4. Engine Room Espresso, North Perth

A Teeny Tiny cafe creating some huge coffee flavours. A double espresso for me everytime, thanks. Opposite the Rosie. review

5. Delisio Pizza Romano, ENEX100 CBD

Half the joy of the coffee is the 2 minute chat with the Italian Barista. Excellent coffee and bonus house made Pizza and Pasta. review

6. Esprezzo, Noranda

Hidden gem in a suburban shopping centre. Engineering some amazing coffee flavours with fair trade coffee. Bonus healthy salads and hot meals. review

7. Small Print, Brookfield Place

Elegant coffee and always spot on. Bonus of house made bread, pastries and cakes. Coffee is roasted in house. review

8. Old Laundry Bar, North Perth

We go for the coffee and to inhale the lovely refurbished building. Their double espresso is something I treat myself to occasionally. review

9. Secondeli, Mount Lawley

Good solid coffee flavours and always on point. Great house baked cakes and pastries. review

10. Mid Century Cafe and Collectables, Yokine

Browse 50’s and 60’s retro furniture and kitsch. Enjoy some fabulous coffee. review

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