14 Mouth Watering Vegetarian Meals 2016


14 Mouth Watering Vegetarian Meals

It’s true that sometimes a craving for a meatless meal appears out of the blue. Whether you’re detoxing or just feeling the need for greens. Some Vegetarian Meals are bigger than other Vegetarian Meals. Here’s a list of 14 Mouth Watering Vegetarian Meals we’ve tried.
In Alphabetical Order …

14 Mouth Watering Vegetarian Meals

Special Mention: Royal India – West Perth – Vegetarian Thali Lunch Special

1. Angel Falls Grill, Shafto Lane, Perth

Previously operating as “Amaizing”, this Venezuelan Bar Restaurant serves Arepas, Cachapas and more. review

2. Comida Do Sul, Brazillian Food Truck, Location Varies

We’ve been known to drive around to find this Truck. Their VegePans (Hot Dog with Hand Made Black Bean Sausage) is worth the Petrol money to hunt down. review

3. Delisio Pizza Romana, ENEX100 CBD

A Pizza / Italian Food place in the ENEX100 Food Hall. Tried their Gnocchi Napoletana, great texture and flavours. $14.00 for the plate. review

4. Divine Flute, Indian Street Food, Location Varies

A relatively new Vegetarian Indian Street Food Vendor. We tried their Masala Dosa with Vada. The Dosa was a pancake filled with Indian Vege Curry. The Vada was like a fried Bagel. review

5. Hermosa Cantina on Cambridge, Wembley

A Spanish Cantina in Wembley. Their Smashed Avo with Poached Egg, Hollandaise and Lime is genuinely awesome. review

6. Holly Rayes, Bassendean

Jalapeno Corn Bread with generous scoops of Black Beans and Guacamole. Something a little different and packed with flavour. review

7. North Beach Deli (Formerly Soda Cafe), North Beach

The biggest Falafel we’ve ever seen in a wholemeal wrap with Salad and Tahini and so many other great flavours. Absolute Yum. review

8. Panache Coffee Bar, Perth

They had Smashed Avo on Rye Bread, topped with a Poached Egg in their display cabinet. This was a great tasting meal and at $8.90, a great price. review

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9. The Pasta Truck, Location Varies

Big fan of this Food Truck. We’ve tried their Gnocchi and Penne Pesto with Green Beans. Nothing bad to say. review

10. Pinchos Tapas Bar, Leederville

Tried their Aguacate. Guacamole, Confit Piquillo, Anchovies and Truffle Oil. A lot like a Bruschetta with lashings of anchovies, guac and soft red peppers. review

11. Red Chilli Burger Bar, North Perth

Was so excited to find a Black Bean Burger on the menu we rushed out to try one. A Vegetarian delight, house made patty with great salads and flavours. Their chips are pretty special as well. review

12. Rockpool Bar & Grill, Crown Perth

We had tried their Fried Chicken Burgers but had to go back to try the Vegetarian Burger. Chickpea and Quinoa Burger with Zuni Pickles and Tomato Chilli Relish. Bliss. review

13. RoyAl’s Chicken + Burgers, Vic Park

RoyAl’s offer up a Super Food Burger with Pinto Beans, Quinoa and Kale. It also has some pretty outstanding Mustard and Mayo. Mmmmm. review

14. Spicy Bites Market Stall, Location Varies

A Vegetarian Delight meal at the Maylands Markets @ The Rise for $15.00 was just perfect. Vegetable Curry, Dahl and Rice (+ Raita, Tamarind) with a complimentary Naan Bread and Lassi Drink. review

14 Mouth Watering Vegetarian Meals Gallery Part 2

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