10 Essential Caffeine Fixes 2016 PART 2


10 Essential Caffeine Fixes 2016 PART 2

We love Coffee and after finishing our first list of 10 we just didn’t feel content. So here are our 10 Essential Caffeine Fixes 2016 PART 2 because Perth Coffee is so hot right now.

10 Essential Caffeine Fixes 2016 - PART 2

Blacksmith Perth and The Machine

1. Crib Lane, Perth CBD

Such an uber trendy tiny cafe currently serving up some pretty special coffee. Love the decor but will go back for the coffee. review

2. Ivy League, Perth CBD

Sophisticated cafe with clean lines, reasonably priced food and amazing coffee. review

3. Velvet Betty, Mobile Cafe

Came across Velvet Betty at Deep Water Point Mount Pleasant Streats. Exceptional Coffee with river views. review

4. Blue Duck Cafe, Cottesloe

Brilliant coffee with even more brilliant sea views. The renovated venue now has sea views for the length of the cafe. review

5. Blacksmith Perth, Highgate

Half the joy of going to Blacksmith is watching the Baristas make coffee on the ginormous espresso machine. And, then drinking it. review

6. Le Papillon, Northbridge

It’s been there forever but who knew the coffee was so good. Pastries baked in house to go with your java. review

7. Beaufort Local, Highgate

Wowsa. The new decor is amazing and the coffee is very good. Love the open kitchen. review

8. Tiisch, Perth CBD

It’s a small but elegant venue. Staff are charming. The coffee is exceptional. review

9. Nexus Coffee Brewers, Mount Lawley

A hole in the wall offering technically uber coffee and house baked goodies. The coffee was so good I drank it in the car. review

10. Chinta, North Perth

Oh my, this venue is incredible, so many things to look at and take in. Oh, and the coffee is pretty good too. review

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